This anime is just here to make us laugh!! It’s not kidding us, pretending to be some high brow mind blowing anime with a dabble into the world’s social issues…NOPE!! There’s no hiding of the BLATANT yuri, or probably better described as “Kuroko’s can-get-enough-of-Mikoto” adventure!!! hahahahaha

So, raise your hand, if you have some fancy lingerie…like a red butterfly pair for when you’re feeling a tad “frisky”? AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA She’s HILARIOUS!!! Her voice is kind of annoying but sort of fits well…like an old lady at times!! haha Oh and those pictures of baby Mikoto are SUPER SUPER CUTE!!! Toooo KAWAII!!!

Railgun Ep2a

But although we’re getting a lot of laughs from that pair, don’t forget about “Miss I-like-to-see-your-panties-daily” girl!!! LOL

Seeing your striped panties always calm me down.

AHAHAHA WHAT THE!??!! I cracked up completely!!!! SOOOO could not see THAT one coming!!! HAHAHA AND she looks pretty cute too!!! hahahahaha Oh my…we’re only at episode 2!?!? What more can this series bring us?!?! TOOO FUNNY!!!

Railgun Ep2b

MORE!!! I want MORE of RAILGUN!!!!! Anyone disagree?? hahahaha