SK Ep1a

OMG! I was so excited to watch this when I got home from work!! Quick 30 seconds keyword sum up!!





Hahahaha Is that a concise summary or what!?! : P OK, in all seriousness: the art was completely different from Aoi Hana but aesthetically appealing in its own way, Ushio…KAWAIII!!!!, Sumi…a tad too serious and never smiled even once!! and their interactions…*I’M LOST FOR WORDS*!!! It was pretty intense!! Straight of the bat, we can sense the depth of Sumi’s emotions for Ushio. It is almost a tad too intense – differing slightly from the ambience of the manga where Sumi’s feelings appeared more gradual. Hmm….well moving on! As for Ushio? OH dear…she’s lost and will continue to remain lost in her own little world. : (

I was also pleasantly surprised by the voices chosen for our two main characters! Ushio’s is girly and feminine but not to the point of being annoying. Sumi was even a greater surprise. Was not sure what to expect but the outcome is still a very much feminine voice – with a serious overtone. Why can’t they lighten her up? She seems way too serious!!

I particularly liked the moment when Ushio and Sumi had a fight. Both had each other on their minds. I LOVED how they both had their hands on each other’s name…Oh and call me thick but it was only now, seeing the kanji that I realised their names were Wind and Rain! Aaaaawww!!! How awfully romantic!!! >_<

SK Ep1b

BUT! Nothing…absolutely NOTHING could beat the FOLLOWING scene…**MASSIVE SQUEAL** ^_^

SK Ep1c

Overall, I did enjoy the anime but it was all a tad depressing. The opening song was sad and suggested that they will never be together!! Nooooooo!!! I hope things do lighten!! PLEASE!! Oh and I wasn’t a big fan of those sporatic chibi/comical moments. I thought they contrasted a bit harshly to the rest of the anime. But then I never liked them either when I read the manga.

Anyway, I’m dying to watch episode 2!!!!!

SK Ep1d

P.S. Btw, I think I made a record of almost 100 screenshots for this post!! I’m pretty sure that’s the most I’ve EVER taken for anime episode!! haha