The story revolves around Natsuru Senou, a normal high school boy. One day he wakes up to find himself turned into a girl. A stuffed tiger “Harakiri Tora” comes to life and tells him to fight as a female psychic fighter “Kämpfer”. Having no idea about what’s going on, Natsuru is involved in the battles against other female Kämpfer (Wiki).

Yep! That’s basically the gist of the story! Everytime before he transforms his bracelet will glow so that it will give him some time to run and hide! haha Apparently his urge to “transform” is typically triggered by a urge to fight or by the presence of another Kampfer. Right at the start, we see Natsuru fighting a feisty red haired girl, Akane!! Not only is she pretty cool, but she’s voiced by Yui Horie!!! WooHOO!!!! hahaha

My first 5 minute impression of this?

  • I like the character designs! All the girls look quite likeable and they all remind me of a character in another anime!! haha Can you spot who they are!?! SURELY you can!! (except for one which is not from a yuri anime…it’s one of the few harem animes that I’ve watched -_-)

Kampfer Ep1aKampfer Ep1b

  • Despite the whole “guy turns girl idea” which I don’t usually like, it actually pans out ok here!! Maybe because Natsuru here seems like a nice guy BUT of course I prefer the Kampfer version of him!! :P Oh and I like how they got Marina Inoue, a female seiyuu, to voice the character!!! He’s ALMOST a girl!! hahahaha
  • Those stuffed animals are just a bit gross with their…WHAT?! INTESTINES hanging out!?! UGH!!! X_X
  • BEST of all, I caught a good handful of girly blushes in the anime!! Though most of them are not *doki doki* moments, the subtle blushes are kind of cute. hahahaha Not bad!! Not bad at all for a first episode!!

Kampfer Ep1c

YEP! I’m following this one!! ahaha ^____^