Are you guys READY?!?! It’s time to check out what yuri animes are on the horizon!! hahaha Now put those yuri goggles on!!! Grab the nearby magazines lying around!! LET’S GO!!! HAHAHAHAHA


So what do we have waiting on our horizon this season!?! I’ve seriously zoomed into this and with the help of my trusty yuri circle, we’ve narrowed it down to a few key ones!! If we’ve missed any, PLEASE PLEASE do let me know!! Baka me for leaving some out!!! hahaha Now here it goes!! (Btw, I relied on hashihime’s amazing summary of this season’s anime!!)

(a) Sasameki Koto

Starts 7 October

Sasameki Gang

This is surely THE YURI anime of the SEASON!!! HANDS DOWN!!! AHAHAHA Sasameki Koto, translated as ‘Whispered Words’, is a story on Ushio and Sumi who are classmates / best friends at school. The twist to the story is that Sumi likes Ushio…yep…more than just a friend. In comparison to Aoi Hana, this is definitely a lot more light hearted with sporatic instances of comedy but never fails to to capture “take-your-breath-away” moments. The art is super impressive in the manga. There are some pages where they are just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO touching – more so than Aoi Hana in my opinion. It’s definitely a must watch!!

(b) Mahou Sensei Negima “Another World”


Starts 17 September

I have not been following this magical girls anime but I believe there is a yuri pair that lurks in the background! It’s Konoka x Setsuna, who are voiced by Ai Nonaka and Yu Kobayashi respectively!! Oooooh!! Definitely not part of the main story though. : ( I’m not actually sure how much coverage there will be in this season. If anyone can shed more light, please let me know!! Other notable seiyuu are Rie Kugimiya, Mamiko Noto and Yui Horie!!

(c) Kiddy Girl-And

Starts 15 October

Kiddy GirlAccording to ANN’s summary (getting lazy here!! >_<), the story is set in the Star Century year 0379, roughly two centuries after the original Kiddy Grade anime and about five centuries after our present day. The spirited Asukūru and serious Ku Fīyu work for the galactic government known as GTO. The two girls are members of ES, GTO’s finest secret agents with special abilities — or, rather, they are training to become ES.

This anime is a spin off from another anime, Kiddy Grade – hmm…not sure whether you need to watch that one to understand this one but I’m guessing not!? I figured I need to include it when I saw the home page pic!!! hahaha *BLUSH* But space adventure + moe!? Interesting…I don’t really recognise the seiyuu though… : (

I think there’s potential… *grin*

(d) Kämpfer


Starts 1 October

This is not entirely my style of anime but I’m pretty sure there’s going to be some yuri in some form or another so it will need to be mentioned…

Supposedly a romantic comedy with some fighting involved, a boy wakes up to find himself transformed into a girl! 0_0 And it doesn’t stop there!? He gets told by some stuffed tiger that he needs to go fight other girls?! You get the idea!! I’m a bit (actually QUITE) unsure about this one and I’ve already heard that episode 1 is WEIRD! But I will give it a go…BUT, seiyuu cast is not bad with Yuri Horie, Nana Mizuki and Mamiko Noto.

(e) To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

To AruStarts 2 October

This supernatural action comedy is set in Academy City, where 80% of the 230,000 citizens are students.

In the super high-tech Academy City, students train to hone psychic powers. Enter Judgment, a group of psychics who keep the peace in Academy City via some nifty gadgets and flashy powers. I’ve already had confirmation that there are DEFINITELY some yuri scenes in episode 1. Thanks to k1y0! It seems a bit crazy though…I’m a little cautious…

Notable seiyuu here include: Rina Satou and Aki Toyosaki (Yui from K-ON!)!!


Aika ZeroStarts 27 October

Ok so I’m not usually a fan of ecchi (hmm *pause* …thinks Gokujou Drops etc…hahaha :P ) but I saw the seiyuu cast and I just figured that I couldn’tleave it out!! haha

As hashihime puts it:

This show is all legs, boobs and guns, with a bit of plot to hold it all together.

HEHEHEHE HILARIOUS!! You get the idea!! Luckily it has a pretty amazing seiyuu cast including Koshimizu Ami and Noto Mamiko so that might make up for the lack of plot.

I will at least check out the first couple of episodes…worth a peek!! hahaha

(g) Aki Sora

Starts 18 December

Aki SoraSeriously I don’t get the Japanese at times. What’s with the whole obsession on INCEST!?! ARGH!! Makes me sick but then I admit to watching Candy Boy. -_- My argument is that they looked NOTHING like sisters so I didn’t see them in that way but still…*sigh*

Well the same kind of story here. Sisters that always say “I love you” to each other…might turn out to be something more? *Hypnotise myself: they’re not sisters…they’re not sisters…*

WAIT!! Aaaaah! I just realised that this is from a manga and apparently the contents were bordering onto HENTAI! 0_0 Hmm….I’m not so sure now…unclear as to how close the anime will be to the manga…Oh dear…

(h) Queen’s Blade

Starts 24 September

My only reaction to this anime –> 0_0 …I’m not following but some of you may be interested!! hahahaha It does have an impressive cast…oh and no picture either!! haha For obvious reasons!!!


Ok, now other anime that I don’t think have yuri but I will follow at least to begin with:

(a) Tatakau Shisho ~ The Book of Bantorra


Starts 2 October

This is a fantasy shounen anime where all the dead people of the world have been turned into “books” stored in the Bantorra library. Colio, a boy, with his memory erased, is sent to kill Hamutz, the world’s most powerful librarian. Guess what? Hamutz is voiced by Paku Romi!!! HAHAHAHA and AS EXPECTED (hehehe), he falls in love at first sight with her. I can see that happening! With that voice!?! ::faints::

This story sounds pretty creative! And with Paku Romi! I HAVE to check this out!! hahaha

(b) Shakugan no Shana S

SHakugan OVAStarts 23 October

This continues on from the previous 2 seasons of Shakugan but will only be a 4 episode OVA. It’s meant to be the FINALE to the series!! I haven’t watched this supernatural + moe series before but I HAVE been meaning to watch it! I heard it’s good and Rie Kugimiya voices the main character!!! ^____^ Sounds like a must see for Shakugan fans!!

Looks like there’s PLENTY to check out this season!! But I must say that the only one that looks promising is Sasameki Koto!!! Can’t WAIT!!! >_< Just a few more days to go!!!!