Omg!!! This episode was…was…I’m lost for words!!! It was just FANTASTIC!!! Yuri to the max!!! Best of all, it did not just solely focus on Nodo-chan x Saki but was gave us some fair screen time for all our yuri pairs!!!! **BEAM** It felt like a perfect ending to a near perfect anime!! Okay, so it wasn’t mind blowing art or anything overly original, but hey! We all enjoyed it right?!! THAT’S what is important!!

Now let me go thru the key favourite parts…hehehe…onsen and yukatas??! Can you really go wrong?! hahaha I don’t think so!! ^_^

First up, seriously this pair, Miss Purple Hair (I think she’s called Yumi-chin) and Miss Stealth Mode, have REALLY skyrocketed on my yuri scale!! From outright not liking them to now talking about them in almost every post!! hahaha TOO cute!! “I wanted to go in with you, senpai…just the two of us…” AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA ooooh blushing!!! KAwaii!!!

Saki Ep25a

Saki Ep25b

Then there was of course one of our FAVOURITE yuri pair of all times!!! The pair is just SUPER SUPER SUPER SUUUUUPER CUTE!!! Have I made my point clear?! I mean, particularly when they go to the temple, Nodo-chan confesses to wishing to stay by Saki’s side forever! ::faints:: (someone please catch me!!) hahahahaha In addition to this, to REALLY top it off, I particularly liked how they decided to address each other by their first names. Aaaaaaww!!!! Although animes pull this old trick out every so often, I can not get sick and tired of it!! It’s just WAY TOOOOOOO cute!! Oh and the holding hands!! ::FAINTS AGAIN:: hahaha You get the idea. LOVED LOVED the moment when they’re holding hands during the school assembly!! Oh dear…I’m feeling light headed again!!! LOL Can this really get any better!? I don’t think so!!

Saki Ep25c

Finally, the anime ended in good old traditional style – showing us the key pairs in this anime!! Ooops….Umm….*embarrassed* I had to do “some” tweaking…I had other “pairs” in mind….hehehehe. For those who have no idea what I’m going on about, it just shows that you did not watch the episode INTENTLY enough!! I’ve tweaked bottom two pics. hehehehehehehe MUCH MUCH better this way!!!! ^______________^

We SOOOOO need another season!!! 9 out of 10!! It was just HEAPS of fun watching it!! Sports anime + yuri + a whole bandwagon of interesting characters and finally the seiyuu!! There’s Shizuka Ito, Kana Ueda, Ami Koshimizu, Rie Kugimiya and Yui Horie!! Do you need anymore convincing!?! Now GO!

Saki Ep25d