Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

There must be…there must be…a SEASON TWO!!! I demand it!!! AAaaaaah!! They might as well kill us with that kind of ending!! But then I guess it COULD have been worst!!! *SHUTS EYES!! Don’t want to think what other crazy ideas they could have come up with!!*

This episode was overall a very serious one with a heavy emphasis on the emotions expressed by Maria towards Canaan.

I’m sorry, Canaan. I won’t be able to shine upon you…

I’m sorry. But I don’t want to be protected. I just want to be able to walk alongside you.

No matter where Canaan goes, she won’t walk alongside me.

Canaan Ep13a

Canaan on the otherhand…

She’s not dead. I know that.

When I first Maria, she was the only one shining in that gray and dull city.

No matter where I go, I can feel your kindness.

Canaan Ep13b

Though there is no question of the bond between Canaan and Maria but they do not end up together as the world in which they live in are too different.


What NONSENSE is that!?!  Aaaaaah!! They just want leave us hanging until season 2 is out!!!! Aaaaaah!! But at least there was a very sweet but sad scene…*sigh* Better than nothing I guess!!!! >_<

Canaan Ep13c

Finally, I’ll have to praise Yun Yun as a fantastic tense reliever!! Without her, I think most of us would have gone completely crazy with all the heavy relay of emotions and depressed ambience!! YAY to Yun Yun!!! ahahaha Here you go!! *hands over a steamed bun* ^_^

Canaan Ep13d

Overall this has been a must see high quality anime!! Amazing theme songs, great animation, a reasonably moving soundtrack, a (fairly) interesting storyline but MORE importantly, there was a FIVE STAR YURI COUPLE!!!! ahahahaha Maria x Canaan!!! They were pretty damn cute!! You have to be together!!!!! You MUST!!

Let’s all demand for a season 2!!! GRRRR……….a 8.5 out of 10 for me!! All yuri fans MUST watch it!!!! ^_^