Edit: Added a small inclusion (in italics) to the end….argh!! I forgot!! >_<

LOL I just knew this episode was going to be good when I heard the words…fireworks festival…YUKATA! hahahahaha And what happened!? The episode definitely did NOT disappoint!!! It was WAY WAY better than what I had in mind!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I took like 60 screen shots (-_-“) but had to severely cut back!! >_<

The “cracked me up” and cute moments ^_^ :

  • Nodo-chan getting angry (at Yuuki)!!! Kawaii!!! I forgot how cute she could be!! hahaha *hits herself* How is that possible!?! Tsk tsk tsk!!
  • Nodo-chan goes from “scary mode” to immediately turning all sweet to Saki!! HAHAHAHAHAHA ^______^
  • Nodo-chan and Saki trying to help Yuuki study!!! Kawaii!!!

Saki Ep24a

And there’s still HEAPS more… >>>

  • Nodo-chan afraid of lightning!! But that fear disappeared when she ran after Saki on episode 1?! Must have been love at first sight!!! *BEAM*
  • Oooh!! Is Hisa asking Mihoko out for a date!!! hohohohohohohoho

Saki Ep24b

  • KOROMO!! She is just WAAAAAY too cute!!! I’m so glad she made an appearance!! This episode could not get any better! At least I thought…at this stage…Hang on! I just realised! This is a classic GLOMP in action!!! hahahahaha

Saki Ep24c

  • BUT, the ultimate SQUEAL attack (as opposed to a heart attack) must be between Saki x Nodo-chan! Need I say more!? KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Saki Ep24d

  • Perfect finish with couple-y shots of Saki x Nodo-chan and Hisa x Mihoko!!!! >_< This is too cute for me to handle!!

Saki Ep24e

Oooooh!! With such a squeal fest in this episode, what awaits in episode 25!?! I cannot wait!!! Countdown time!!!

Btw, just as a side note (couldn’t resist not mentioning it), did anyone see the camera zoom into Yumi’s…errr….umm…bum as she pulled herself out of the pool near the beginning?! I was like –> 0_0 …umm….”camera – shouldn’t you be tilting the angle up higher towards the face?!!” I swear the production team behind the scenes gets a huge kick out of “playing” with us viewers like this!!! *ROLLS EYES* Oh and I couldn’t help but laugh when Satomi was a bit shocked with Ms. Stealth Mode girl appearing out of nowhere!! hahaha

Oh and I couldn’t help but add this pic!! ahahaha Reminded me of someone! hahahaha