To me this was a MARIA and CANAAN EPISODE!! Well Alphard got a fair chunk of screen time too but…MEH!! Moving on!! hahaha

Maria reminisces the old times of Canaan and her. Since the incidents in the last episode, Canaan is somewhat lost – “why is everyone blaming me?” Maria senses this and stays by her side. Their presence for one another is like their life support. Oh and they hold hands too!! ^_^

To be honest, I’m not quite sure where the story is heading. It lost me a few episodes back! Anyway, the three girls take the train to leave the place but while on the train, some commotion occurs.

Canaan Ep12a

Canaan senses something and runs off leaving Maria to Ynn Yun’s “care”. LOL That girl helps loosen up the tension in this episode at times but it’s otherwise a fairly intense 25 minutes!! While she’s protecting Maria in “side-shift-crab” style, Alphard turns up! I must admit that Alphard does look pretty damn cool. Anyone for a set of Alphard’s abs!?! ahahaha *raises hand* I’ll have one!! ahahaha

Canaan Ep12b

I won’t spoil for those who have not watched it yet (if there are ANY of you…I suspect I’m the slowest around here!! haha) but Alphard soon leaves Maria and ends up in a fight with Canaan!! While they fought, Maria decides to stop being a burden to Canaan…

Canaan Ep12c

This is seriously ONE hell of a CLIFF HANGER!!!!! >_<