To be honest, don’t ask me about the storyline in Canaan…I’ve lost track since like 2 episodes ago!! But I’m hardly going to write about this one! It was just SOOOOO >_<!!!

First there is the seriously deranged Liang Qi!! CRAZY CRAZY CRAAAAAAZY WOMAN!!! Then there was Hakko and Santana… Aaaaaah!!!! What the..!?!?! >_<

There is only ONE part worth mentioning…

At the end of the episode, as Canaan leaves the facility, the emotions are heavy and Maria can sense this. It was just two words, but they alone and the expressions in their eyes spoke volumes about the bond between them. I think this is one of my favourite Canaan x Maria scenes! Pity it’s in episode 11!! >_<



Canaan Ep10b

Let me now dash to episode 12!!!!