Another awesome episode!! Ooooh! I love how Miss Stealth Mode calls Saki, ‘Ms. Tsumo after Kan’!! hahaha Oh no! Saki has to play against Hisa!!!! >_< Why can’t they all just go to the Nationals together!!! Hisa plays a good game but…sadly loses. : (

Saki Ep23a

On the otherhand, Saki has seriously powered up here! PWOAH!! After a signature “tsumo after kan” win, she jumps from 11th to 5th place!!! Go SAKI!!! Current top 5 rankings!!

  1. Mihoko
  2. Nodo-chan
  3. Nanpo-san
  4. Touka
  5. Saki

Saki Ep23b

Poor Saki! In the next round, everyone’s out to stop her getting her KANS!!! >_< And who is this grey/silver hair girl!?! Get out of the way!! hahaha I don’t need anymore new characters!! LOL But don’t worry cos she’s not going to last long…the moment the East chip flips to South…PWOAH!! This Nanpo-san is powered up!!! She’s scary…she can call on a…BREEZE!?! haha Oh and now she calls Saki a ‘national class monster’!? Tsk! How rude!! But again – not to worry cos Saki wins!!! Yet again!! ^_^

Now after all the games the rankings are:

  1. Mihoko
  2. Nodo-chan
  3. Saki
  4. Hisa
  5. Nanpo-san

Yay!! Nodo-chan x Saki gets to the go the Nationals together!!!! **BEAM** Oh and there is a heart warming moment between Hisa and Mihoko! Oh why why why could they not go to the Nationals together!!

Saki Ep23c

I couldn’t help but laugh when Mako saw the results and said:

Sheesh…got outdone by a bunch of first years!!

But it was Yuki’s that really CRACKED me up!!

Nodo-chan! Your boobs are still number one!!

**ROLLS EYES**!!!!!!! Oooh just another day or two before we get watch episode 24!!! When’s the last episode!?