I’m so BLOODY behind!!!! Aaaaaah!! Must catch up!! Must catch up!!! Need to SPEED through a couple of posts and get them out BANG BANG BANG!!!

As I watched Saki I was quickly reminded as to why I like this anime so much!!! It’s fun, it’s exciting and I love the spirit of them all working towards this one goal!! It’s so touching!! haha I don’t why – but I just get that warm fuzzy feeling time and time again. Oh and I almost forgot – the BLUSHING and YURI moments!! How can I not like this anime!!? hahaha

In this episode, aside from telling us the progress of the individual tournament, the production team definitely had us yuri fans in mind!! HAHAHAHA

First of, by far the most YURI pair…*drum rolls* –> SAKI x Nodoka!! Too cute!!! WAAAAAAY too cute!!! Aaaaw!! Look at them holding hands and sealing the promise!! Nodo-chan is so kawaii when she blushes! On the otherhand, Saki’s kind of oblivious to anything…hahahaha

Saki Ep22a

Next yuri pair is Ms. Stealth-Mode girl with her senpai!! LOL I can never remember their names! This pair is really working up very quickly on the yuri charts. Hmm…at the moment Hisa x Mihoko definitely ranks a bit higher on mine!! :P

Saki Ep22b

There was also focus on a new character (well relatively new) who seems to be Yuki’s cursed twin!! LOL East vs South! Hmm…could there be…*gasp*…some yuri potential here!?! Kidding!! Anyway the girl looks gakkoi!!!

Saki Ep23c

Now off to episode 23!!! *dashes off*