LOL!!! They have released a FREE KISSING game based on the anime Sasameki Koto!?!! HAHAHAHA That’s CRAZY!! Look what warning they give you!?!

Moisture (perspiration, saliva, etc.) may cause the iPhone/iPod touch to slip. Please be sure hands and lips are not wet when using this game.

HAhahahaha That’s HILARIOUS!! And guess what?!?! I JUST DOWNLOADED IT!!!! Oh dear!!! >_< I’m just checking it out…hahaha I better take it off my iPhone quick!!! haha But apparently they throw in 27 pages of free manga!! Now that itself is worth checking out!!

So I installed it and I’m greeted by the image of Ushio and Sumi standing next to each other (like at the official website). Then then menu turns up!! hehehe Guess what the first choice is?! KISSING LESSON!! Oh dear…trust me – I’m just here for the manga!! The M-A-N-G-A!!! hahaha Check it out if you have an Iphone or Touch. But I think you need a Japan iTunes account. I can’t believe the Japanese thought of THIS!?! CRAAAAAZY!! hahahaha

Sasameki game