OMG!! Where do I start!?! With this episode, I particularly liked how it started with Fumi and A-chan going to school again. It’s almost like they’ve taken us back in time to the beginning of the anime when they first met. Not a whole lot actually happens in this episode. Again, we can see how strong the bond between two is. One look at Fumi and A-chan knows something is on her mind. How great would it be to have a friend that knows you so well and be so sensitive of your feelings?

For the rest of the episode, there are some tying of loose ends here and there but otherwise, it was simply preparing us of a greater revelation to come…Who was Fumi’s first love?

In fact, even this important fact had slipped out of her memory over the years. Luckily it was rescued by their nostalgic walk back to their preliminary school. It brought back memories and tears to Fumi’s eyes.

The first person I fell in love with…

I remembered something very special…

Aoi Hana Finale-A

*sigh* We’re finally at the end of Aoi Hana. It was a perfect ending. I can just hope that a season 2 will appear. ::sob::