This is going to be ONE BIG POST!! Sorry guys but time has been scarce lately!! I cannot believe I have not watched episode 10 till now and the final episode is also out!!! OMG! I want to cry!!! It’s the end of the most pure yuri anime for the season!!! We need to cross our fingers and toes in hope that there will be a season 2!!!

I must admit that there is definitely a “doki-doki” touch everytime Yasuko calls out “Fumi”. It’s the way she says her name!? Always manages to take my breath away for a moment or two! hahaha In the below segment, I particularly liked the interaction between Fumi and A-chan especially when A-chan decides to take-off (holding hands of course!!) with Fumi leaving the other two behind. Did anyone catch the surprised look on Yasuko’s face when she saw A-chan grab Fumi’s hand!?? I SAW IT!!! hahahaha

Aoi Hana Ep10a

In this episode, I also really liked the subtle but ever so present support between Fumi and A-chan. A glance from A-chan to Fumi spoke wonders of the message she was trying to pass across and Fumi responded – with a smile.

Aoi Hana Ep10b

But the REAL surprise came from Fumi. I know we have been constantly describing her as mature but that maturity was really thrown into our face here!! Her conversation with Yasuko was…….I’m basically left speechless!! Go GIRL!! As much as I like Yasuko, what Fumi said was very true. You just need to learn to move on.

Aoi Hana Ep10c

*sob* One more episode left… >_<