Umm…Liang Qi is CRAZY!?! And I’m not too impressed by this episode!!! There’s SOOOOO much more on Alphard x Canaan than Canaan x Maria!!! >_<

I could only find ONE key Canaan x Maria moment!!! I even noted it clearly to point it out in case you blinked and missed!!!! Look!! They’re THAAAT close to each other!! haha

Canaan Ep9b

*sigh* But really, it was definitely an Alphard x Canaan episode. GRRRRR….I must admit she looked quite cool. *rolls eyes*

Canaan Ep9c

And Yun Yun also makes an appearance!! haha but gets pinched to death by Mamiko!!!! OUCH!!! STOP IT!!! Don’t be so mean!!!

Canaan Ep9a

Ok – now onto episode 10!!! I’m so BEHIND!!!! >_<