For all yuri fans out there, you HAVE to read this!! Lililicious has scanlated this!!! Luckily it’s been scanlated!! We would be missing out BIG TIME!!!!

This two volume work is very different from what I have read before. Although the two main characters are just high school students, their emotional development and the story goes way beyond the high school stories that we normally see in the yuri world. Here, there are no fancy tea parties, no onee-chans and no cute uniforms (though I find the ones here still quite pretty and elegant ^_^) but they bring to you much more intense themes such as suicide, emotional abuse and questions of self worth. It’s definitely not a light hearted read but it brings to the reader greater satisfaction in seeing the character development and emotional support they give to one another.

The style of the art is a bit harsh with sharp lines but it suits the dark themes. It’s definitely not my usual preference but overall, it is still fairly clean and simple and character designs are likeable.

You HAVE to check it out. One of my favourites at the moment.