Ooooh! There’s really not much to say in this episode!! I mean, it’s all just KYAAAAAAAAA moments!!! hahaha A-chan is just awfully cute!!! Lucky she’s a bit of a klutz otherwise we’d miss out on the coolest catch in yuri history!!! hahahahaha I went a bit crazy with the screen shots, yet again… *sigh* Well bear with me!!! A-chan and Fumi are just too cute!!

Aoi Hana Ep9a

Aaaaww!!! LOOK!! They’re holding hands!!!!! Too sweet!!! I’m honestly not hard to impress am I?!!? *rolls eyes*

Aoi Hana Ep9b

As much as I love watching Fumi and A-chan, A-chan alone is enough to crack me up!! Here’s just a quick collage of all THE A-chan moments!!

Aoi Hana Ep9c

Last but not least, the perfect way to end the episode…(anyone else think of Canaan?)…

Aoi Hana Ep9d