Ok – before I dash off to the BEST bit (I’m sure I’ve said this before in a previous post…hahaha oh well)…let’s just say that the Kiyosumi team REALLY kicked ass in the individuals tournament!! hahaha POWERING ahead for sure! Saki, on the otherhand, seemed a bit less aggressive or focused and I couldn’t find a cool pic. But she’s already had HEAPS of screen time from previous episodes so we’ll give her a rest this time. : )

Saki Ep21a

Moving on (still not up to the juicy bit yet…hehehe), we have TOUKA!!! Oh I love that swingy antenna of hers!! hehehe Oh and isn’t that chibi pic SUPER SUPER KAWAII!?!?! I couldn’t justify not posting it!! But extracting that damn pic took me an extra 10 minutes!! >_< 10 whole minutes while my friends were waiting patiently on meebo!! Actually they weren’t patient! Just told me hurry up and get it done! Tsk!! But back to Touka – I particularly liked how Hajime tried to comfort her!! So sweet!!! Obviously there’s nothing to worry about here. She bounces back to her usual “princess” self.

Saki Ep21b

BUT BUT BUT!!!! The BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEST bit to this episode is only ABOUT to START!!!! I almost stopped breathing for a little while!! The way that Mihoko looked at Hisa!! *faints* haha Well not quite but seriously, the longing looks and slight blushes were so cute!! Mihoko even thought of losing to Hisa!!!! AAaaaaaww!! The power of love!! hahaha

I’ve wanted to see her for so long…now when I finally do, I can’t find the words

I always thought I wanted to see you and talk to you – that I had so much I wanted to tell you.

I wanted to hear your voice once again!

Your eyes are so pretty. I wonder why I had forgotten.

Three years…It seemed like an eternity.

Saki Ep21c

Don’t know why but I particularly liked how Mihoko placed her hand to her chest. It was such a gentle, touching and affectionate gesture. LOL Am I going insane?! I think so!!! hahaha Oh I was SOOOOOOO wrong to think there was little potential between this pair!! >_< I take it back!!! haha

Now hurry go watch this if you haven’t already!! Can’t wait for subbed version of episode 22!!