OMG!! OMG!!! This must be my FAVOURITE episode!!! Jaw drop and awwww and absolutely SWEET moments!!

Well first of all, Canaan recovers. Was just too exhausted and with Maria around, how can you NOT wake up!?!!? KAWAIII!!!

Canaan Ep8a

I absolutely loved how Canaan and Maria ran around holding hands. ^_^ I’m so easy to please. hahahaha The two then went off into the desert… *starts daydreaming* The words exchanged was SOOOOOOOOOOO sweet!!

I can’t protect you anymore.

If I’m next to Canaan, won’t I, one day also shine?”

As long as Canaan is there for me, I’m fine.

Stay by my side, forever.

I could feel Maria’s kindness.

Canaan Ep8b

Oh and there were actually other people in the episode but do we care? Not really!!!! HAHAHAHAHA Oh and we hear Mamiko speak!! More than 3 words!! hahaha