THis is one HILARIOUS episode!! What story?? There’s NO story!! Just a chance for us to see the gang in swim wear and Nodoka’s…er um…yeah…THOSE. haha

The President’s reason for special training at the pool?!!

“Because I want to see you in a swimsuit, Nodoka” for example?

HEHEHEHE we know why Saki’s also excited!!? hehe Cos she wants to see Nodo-chan in a swimsuit too!!! hahaha Oh and there’s a floaty version of Etopen!!!! KAWAII!!!

Saki Ep20a

Of course this scene was BOUND to appear!!! LOL I loooove Touka’s look!!! hehehehe

Saki Ep20b

Last but not least, of course there were plenty of cute moments of Koromo!! Actually she’s reminding me of someone!!! Akira!!!! Also recently named by Sapphire as Azunyan!!! AHAHAHAHAHA Gotta love the bottom two pics!!!! (^_^)V

Saki Ep20c

Now I will just patiently wait for episode 21 to be subbed in…a few hours?!!?! AHAHAHAAHAHA Maki Maki!! WAY too good!!!