ANOTHER squeal-fest episode!! A-chan is also super cute here!

After Sugimoto’s “In my current state, I can’t be your girl friend” bombshell, Fumi is obviously upset and hurt but she seeks comfort in A-chan. Because of A-chan’s support, she can move on.

Aoi Hana Ep8a

On the otherhand, A-chan is ready to take down Sugimoto!!! LOL She is ANGRY and confronts senpai. She cannot forgive her for being so cruel to Fumi. It is also super cute when she complains to Fumi why she has to be such a busy body when it’s not even her problem. The answer is simple, “You’re a very kind person, A-chan”. Where’s my A-chan?? haha

Aoi Hana Ep8b

This anime seriously brings up my spirits. It is so well-made and the characters are likeable (even Sugimoto in my opinion). Everytime I watch the opening trailer, I just fall in love with it all over again. : )

Aoi Hana Ep8c

I wonder where season 1 will leave us. Episode 8? Oh dear – I think there are only 11 episodes! If they do not do a season 2, I will forgive them! >_< I think it is the first time, I feel like buying the original Japanese DVD of this anime. Gosh – that would be ONE expensive purchase!!!!!