I’m bursting to say how cute this episode was but I will hold back…for like 20 seconds until I go through what happens briefly in the first half.

Maria is caught by Liang Qi who is luring Canaan to the convention centre to save her. Canaan makes it past all the guards and gets to Maria. Canaan saves her.

Canaan Ep8a

YAAAAAY!!!! AHAHAHAHA OF COURSE Canaan saves her!?! What were you thinking!?! And look at the wonderful moment of reunion!!! “Canaan!! Canaan!! Canaan!!” hahahahaha Gosh! Maria and Canaan are just WAY too cute!!! hahaha I particularly like that bottom right hand pic of Canaan. She looks awkward but gosh does she like her current situation!! AHAHAHA

Canaan Ep8b

This was one squeal fest episode for all the Maria x Canaan fans out there!! Me being one of them!! hahaha Is it not obvious!?! But, to keep us on our toes, looks like there is something wrong with Canaan…she can’t see colour?! And she faints!!!! Argh!! Episode 8!! Where are you!??!