Koromo is fully powering up since Saki’s amazing win from episode 18!! B-L-A-C-K O-U-T!! LOL that’s a bit extreme but Saki is not even slight afraid. On the otherhand, Nodo-chan…

Saki Ep19a

Then the game continues. I COMPLETELY cracked up when everyone expected Saki to win on Koromo’s tile!! LOL But no! She goes “KAN”!! NOT AGAIN!!! hahahahaha

“No. If I ron on that, I lose. But…”

So basically, off she goes… KAN…KAN…KAN…Tsumo. LOL Saki is seriously OFF THE RADAR!!

Saki Ep19b

Her win completely knocks the socks off Koromo. She’s never lost before but more importantly she’s over the moon that she’s made friends. Saki wants to play with her again in the future!!! Yes! The individual tournament!!! But poor Touka is a bit distressed…and of course there is a one on one moment between Saki x Nodoka!!! Aaaaww!!

Saki Ep19c

This time round, even the Tsuruga school managed to get a SQUEAL out of me and it’s so worth posting!!! In my opinion at least…”As the president, I am just supervising my members.” hehehe Yeah sure!!

Saki Ep19d

This episode was pretty damn good! Jam packed with action with bits of yuri sprinkled through out!! hahaha Almost 10 out of 10!! And to top it off, we get a wonderfully squeal worthy picture of Saki and Nodo-chan. ^_^

Saki 19e