My favourite part in this episode must be the short conversation that Fumi shares with Ah-chan while waiting for the gate to raise at the railway. Fumi is a bit hesitant but she says she wants to stay at Ah-chan’s place for the night. Ah-chan WITHOUT hesitation simply says “sure”. *BEAM* “And how about borrowing my PJs? Oh…They might not fit…” hahaha Gotta love how cute and innocent Ah-chan is!! haha The lit up look on Fumi’s face was just sweet!!

But Ah-chan is not all thick either. She’s sensitive and can tell that something must be wrong between Fumi and Sugimoto. “I hate girls that cry!” hahaha I like Ah-chan!!

Aoi Hana Ep7a

The second half of the episode switches focus to Fumi and Yasuko. The two clearly do care about each other but both carries ghosts from their past. Nevertheless, Fumi tries to approach Yasuko again. Yasuko invites her to visit her family. Aaaaww!!! Doesn’t Yasuko look cute in the below top right pic?! I feel like falling for her seriously!! hehe

Aoi Hana Ep7b

But her family is CRAZY!! Especially the nasty sister and mum!! LOL

Let’s take a bet on whether or not Yasuko takes their relationship to the next level tonight.

Actually, I’d wager to say they already went to the next level.

I also thought it was interesting to note that although Yasuko is seen like a prince at school, at home, her sisters describe her as a ‘princess’. I guess being the youngest doesn’t help. Another amazing episode!!

P.S. Btw, did anyone pick up on Mamiko Noto’s voice!!? She’s the sister with the orange long hair!!