Not much actually happens in this episode – but it might be just me being very tired… *YAWN* Anyway, first up let’s just throw in two cool pics of Alphard and Canaan!! haha Although they’re not my preferred pair, they do kind of go well in another sort of way. :P

Canaan Ep6a

Oh and OMG! Mamiko’s character speaks for the FIRST time!! I thought she was incapable of speaking!! haha But it seems like her voice has gained some special power since her exposure to the Ua Virus. Hmm…

The key plot development here is a Snake attack on an anti-terrorism conference with worlds’ leaders. Some are infected with the virus. Very conveniently, Maria is there – umm…I mean “antenna girl”! hahaha I loved how our Liang Qi chibi-ed herself!! haha Much cuter!! Oh and I think Maria, for a brief second falls for Alphard…KIDDING!!! haha That’s a deceptive picture I have there!! Maria just accidentally falls into Alphard’s arms. Quick!! Get up before Canaan gets here!!! haha

Canaan Ep6b

Anyway, Maria is caught again. We can only hope that Canaan comes in time to save her!! Yet AGAIN!! One HILARIOUS bit was when the stupid sister is yacking on & on to Canaan on the phone and Canaan just says: “Just shut up for a bit!” hehehehehe WOOHOO!!

Canaan Ep6c

Go save her CANAAN!!!!