I actually published this post before but for some reason it disappeared!! Argh!! I’ve been preparing a few “recommend to read manga” posts and today a thought crossed my head…”why does the art look so similar?” A quick check tells me it’s by the same mangaka! Am I think or what?!?! LOL

Anyway, I feel that this mangaka is too good to miss for the yuri fans out there! I think she’s my favourite! AFTER Milk Morinaga of course!! Even Erica had praised that she’s a “darn good storyteller” so you HAVE to check it out!! She’s…

Hiyori Otsu


She has a number of one-shots and I like ALL of them! The art is simple and cute, character designs are attractive and stories all generally border on *doki doki* moments. All safe for the kiddies. ^_^

The one-shots were published in the various yuri magazines but was later released in a volume called Your Cuteness (but it doesn’t include two of them):

  • A Lunch Made with Love
  • Love Letter
  • Maple Love (I’ve recommended this one before – girls in college!!! Aaaaaww!!)
  • The Proof of Her Love
  • Winter-Tinged Thoughts
  • Your Cuteness
  • Katakoi Hime (I believe this is only available in torrent)

Like I said, I LOVE them all! But if I had to choose a favourite, it would be a toss up between The Proof of Her Love and Maple Love.

Proof of Her Love

Manga series

I believe she only has one series and that is Clover!! When Erica first reviewed it, I searched high and low for scanlated or published copies but there were none!! Luckily Lililicious came to save the day!! Thank God we had them!! But be warned! Only ONE chapter is out!! I can’t wait for the rest! To give you a brief idea. It’s about individual stories involving four sisters – each has a passing experience with affection for a girl. I wish I wish someone would publish this in English!! >_<

You HAVE to check these out!!!