This episode was a perfect mix of lighthearted laughs and touching moments. I REALLY enjoyed it. *BEAM* hahahaha

First up there was Akira’s innocently sweet but hilarious moments! From trying to hide from her family to helping Sugimoto style her hair. hehehehehe SOOOOOO funny!! “Trust me, it’s already very messy.” LOL It was also quite cute when Sugimoto went to comfort the little girl that was playing the ‘little prince’. “Is she trying make her own fan club in elementary school now?” hahaha

Aoi Hana Ep6a

Before the performance of Wuthering Heights, Fumi and Sugimoto senpai cross paths under a romantic backdrop of blue flowers. There is a heavy use of water colours style art, which might have been slightly overdone but nevertheless I loved the heavy focus to the “blue flowers” theme. I felt that it really brought the audience to the heart of the anime. Plus, how could I not like Sugimoto’s romantic words?!

Aoi Hana Ep6b

The final arc to episode 6 is the honest and courageous confrontation between Sugimoto and Fumi. Fumi had growing uncertainties about another love Sugimoto may have and actually expressed this to her. I was definitely impressed by Fumi’s daring honesty. At first glance, she appears to be a weak and indecisive character but she is actually much more than meets the eye.

Aoi Hana Ep6c

I still can’t believe how lucky we’ve been able to watch such a dedicated quality yuri anime. I’m enjoying every moment of it.