After the rebound in Kazekoshi’s score at the end of episode 17, both Kazekoshi and Tsuruga seem to have regained focus through thinking about their other half. :P hahahahaha Koromo has now turned her attention to Saki and as a result allowed the other two players to score some points. In the meantime, Saki is staying all quiet causing some distress to Koromo.

Saki 18a

hehehehe Turns out she’s not feeling quite right…the reason being??! She wants to take her shoes off!!!! hahahaha Ok – bizarre turn of events, I agree but what the heck! Let’s get on with the game!!! I just want Saki to WIIIIIN!!!!

LOL after one tiny win that almost shocked everyone off their chair, we get her signature hand!!!

Tsumo after a kan!!!

kekeke But again, it is another really small win…what is going through her mind?!

Saki 18b

The most hilarious bit must be when Saki does a DOUBLE KAN and EVERYONE is like just WAITING for the “tsumo” but instead she says: “I’ve discarded.” hehehehehe She ends up winning with ANOTHER cheap hand. Everyone’s getting frustrated with her but…maybe she’s just warming up…with only 2 games left…

Finally in the 2nd last game, her playing seems a bit odd…her moves seem to be go against the idea of a large hand!! I have confidence in her…Kazekoshi girl has a big hand close to winning, even Koromo can sense it but she can’t seem to sense any danger from Saki!

Saki 18c

Just as Koromo is wondering whether her hand is coming together…Saki does a KAN! And ANOTHER KAN! AND ANOTHER KAN!! That scores her 24,000 points in total!!!! WOOHOO!!! OMG! She’s SOOOO COOL!!!! hahaha I looove Saki!!! She completely KNOCKED the others’ SOCKS off!!!! hahaha

Koromo is WORRIED!!!! hehehehehe