This episode went by quite quickly to me and I really didn’t pay much attention to the story except for…Canaan and Maria. ^_^ Continuing from where episode 4 left us, Canaan and Maria have not reconciled since the death of that boy in episode 3. One little fact worth mentioning is that the Shanghainese girl, Yun-Yun, actually works for the terrorist organisation, Snakes. Looks like she is being paid to use Maria to kill Canaan.

At the beginning of the episode, Canaan is about to kill Yun-Yun but is stopped by Maria. Like the incident in episode 3, it pulls them apart even further.

Canaan Ep5c

Canaan Ep5a

However, things turn for the better. Yun-Yun uses Maria as bait to try and lure Canaan out. Maria is upset that she has hurt Canaan again and is certain she will not come. Of course…that does not happen! How could Canaan possibly leave her? At the end, because of Yun-Yun, the two become friends again. Aaaaaww!!!

Canaan Ep5b

I hope we get some more Canaan x Maria screen time in episode 6!!! Am I asking for too much??? : (