OMG!! What am I going to do when this is animated?!?! I loooooooooooove Sumika x Ushio!!!! *SQUEAL* This was such a cute chapter! You HAVE to read it!!!!

Sasameki Ch17b

The chapter takes us back to when Ushio was the pretty new transfer student that everyone was excited about and Sumika who was the serious class rep. One day while Ushio was very conveniently out alone and picked on by some guys, Sumika does a “Hai YA!”, giving them a serious punch or too! Though Ushio does not see Sumika as “cute” she’s definitely “cool”! Sumika here just sweeps me off my feet with her ultra kakkoi attitude! hehehe

But there’s still MORE!! Girls at school find out soon enough that Ushio only likes girls so she’s quickly isolated from the rest…except…Sumika sits down with her for lunch. : )

Sasameki Ch17c

But the real bonus must be the returning back to reality!! As you probably recall from chapter 16, Sumika is sick at home and starts crying inside her futon as she scolds herself for shouting at Ushio earlier and that Ushio must hate her now. But Ushio is actually just outside!! I wonder how she felt when she heard Sumika cry?! I would LOOOOVE to know!!!

There there, Sumika! No more crying! Look who’s here!! Now open your mouth and say “aah”…

Sasameki Ch17d