Hehehehe BODY PILLOW CASES I hear!??!?! kekekeke What’s with them at the moment?!! First Saki and now Candy Boy! Actually it’s more like the other way round – Candy Boy was out ages ago!! hahahaha

Well in this final episode (*sob*), Saku invites the twins and Shi-chan to this pool before it is opened to the public. Of course she has something sinister in mind!!! To take pictures of her precious Kanade-senpai in swimwear and use those pictures for a body pillow!!! hahaha THAT really got me laughing!! I must say that the recent drama with the Saki body pillows also helps. hehehehe Of course, Saku had to be brought back under control…in good old Candy Boy style…hahaha

Candy Boy Ep8a

After all that havoc, there is a sweet quiet moment between Yuki and Kana-chan. *BEAM* Turns out Kana-chan is a bit of a stalker!! hehe But Yuki doesn’t really mind. : )

Candy Boy Ep8b

Finally, we need a bit of Shi-chan screen time!! I’m so glad that Shi-chan made a final appearance!! I’d be so sad otherwise!!!! She’s a traitor here and gives the enemy a invaluable treasure…hehe

Candy Boy Ep8c

*sigh* I can’t believe we’re finally at the end of Candy Boy. The times we had to wait for months in between episodes was horrible but overall it was a pleasant yuri anime to watch!! We’ve finally reached the end. Bye to the Candy Boy gang!!