In episode 5, Fumi is beginning to feel uncertain about Sugimoto senpai. It might be the reference to the “Mistress of the Library” hinting a past love or the general truck load of fan girls that are squealing over Sugimoto. She tells Ah-chan who tries to comfort her and tells her to rein her in!! hehehe Ah-chan is SOOOOO cute here!!

Aoi Hana Ep5a

Though Ah-chan appears innocent, even she has learnt something from this experience…

Aoi Hana Ep5e

On the otherhand, Sugimoto senpai is quite attentive to Fumi. She is quick to sense something wrong and will swiftly make the effort to reassure Fumi. Seriously, this episode is trying to make us all fall for Sugimoto senpai!! I’m sure she still has some old wounds locked inside her, but nevertheless, her feelings for Fumi are genuine. I mean, some of the things she says!?! *FAINTS*

Aoi Hana Ep5b

Oh and when she turns up on Fumi’s doorstep!!!! AAAAAAWWW!!!! Where’s MY Sugimoto senpai!?! hahahaha Fumi’s reaction was also SO SO SOOOOO kawaiii!! Although I’m cheering for Ah-chan and Fumi all the way, I must say that I’m enjoying these moments quite a bit!!! *SQUEAL*

Aoi Hana Ep5c

This episode ultimately prepares the platform for Fumi to realise how important A-chan is to her. I think that is the whole purpose of Sugimoto’s question. Oooooh!! I can’t get enough of this!! Btw, I’m definitely getting the soundtrack. I’m loving the music!!

Aoi Hana Ep5d

Just had to finish the post with a good Fumi x Ah-chan heart to heart moment. See!! I’m still supporting for them 100%!!! ahahahaha ^_^