In episode 4, there is a glimpse into Canaan’s painful past. Her master (the man that saved and trained her to become a fighter), Siam, was killed by Alphard. She lost her family, her sister, Siam and feels like she will now lose Maria too.

Canaan Ep4a

In the meantime, Maria is depressed from what happened in Episode 3 but she’s not depressed for too long! Mino temporarily heals her with a good dose of yummy crab cuisine. Not long after, she’s back to reality and runs off in search of Canaan.

Canaan Ep4b

She runs to all the places that they visited when they were out to “play” last time. Although she’s desperate to see her – simultaneously, she’s confused as to how to react when they actually meet. Maria wants to apologize…but for what?

Canaan Ep4c

We also find out that she only became a photographer because of Canaan…because she wants to see what Canaan sees…because she wants to understand Canaan…

Last but not least, we have the much anticipated (not from me though!! Canaan x Maria ALL the way!!!) Canaan and Alphard confrontation. Some action in the ladies washroom finished with style, on Alphard’s part. LOL People who watched this would understand. Look what I do for YOU guys!! SOOOO many shots of them!! You MUST be satisfied! I was so tempted to skip this bit…hehe

Canaan Ep4d

P.S. Oh and as Nerei had said before, her tattoo is linked to Siam and she had done it to feel like they were “family”. FINE~! I’ll accept this one!! At least he’s pretty cool (and conveniently dead…hehe) and Canaan BLUSHES!! :)

Canaan Ep4e