Geez – I’m SO EASILY swayed!! From not liking her, to “Hey!! This couple is quite cute!” and finally “AAAAAWWW!!!” Yep you guessed right – I’m referring to the President x Disappearing Girl.


ahahahahaha How could I not include such a classic blush scene!! What a wonderful moment!! I mean, I even put THEM first before Saki x Nodoka!?!?! What has the world turned into?! LOL Don’t worry – they’re just right below. The moment Nodoka placed Saki’s hand on her chest, I was like giggling like mad but it was just a very brief scene – so short that I couldn’t take a screenshot!!! haha

Saki Ep17a

Basically, not a whole lot happens in this episode. Everyone was cowering in fear as they played with Koromo. Saki was shaking and even I felt sorry for Miss Cat Girl (she’s from the one-eyed girl team). But luckily, thanks to Nodoka, SAKI regained her confidence!! I LOVED how she helped Miss Cat Girl pick up some points! Now you didn’t expect a DOUBLE KONG did you!?!?! hehe I completely cracked up when Koromo said:

Kiyosumi and your damn “After a Kong”!!

HAHAHAHA Koromo could even sense a bit aggression from Saki too!! POWER UP!!!

Saki Ep17b

Finally, how can I not include such a cute picture of Koromo?!! Her cuteness is just over the top!!! She’s SPILLING in cuteness!!! haha Enjoyed this episode particularly the last bit. Can’t wait to see Saki really flex her muscles in episode 18!!! Go GIRL!! Knock down Koromo!!! (though she is cute! >_<) hahaha