My first impression…”hmm…why does this feel so strangely familiar…it’s different from the usual anime that I watch”. The art is pretty nice and has a crisp finish but it evokes this “surreal” vibe to it – like it doesn’t belong to this world. Maybe sometime in 2020? Then it was like someone turned on the lights in my head…


It FEELS like MARIA HOLIC!! After a quick check, it’s confirmed. Both was produced by SHAFT. As I said, it’s all visually appealing but the anime is filled with non-sensical continuous conversation between the characters i.e. Araragi and Senjougahara. It’s a shame really as Senjougahara is pretty damn cool. I particularly liked her handy use of the stapler. hehe

Bakemonogatari - post1

But by episode 3, I couldn’t help but be tired of the random stuff that she comes up with. Really, why do they have to make things so complicated!? The stories themselves are quite unique and stimulating too, like how and why Senjougahara loses her weight. I might still watch it, but not something I’m dying to see. It’s a shame really. I like Chiwa Saito too (the seiyuu for Senjougahara). *sigh*

Sorry Nerei!! It wasn’t my cup of tea in the end!!