Our wish was granted!! They gave us the KISS scene!! hahaha You have to admit that this senpai is very likeable!!! The bit where Sugimoto gets nervous too after the kiss was quite cute!! hehe But not to worry. She very quickly regained her gakkoi composure and said…

Aoi Hana Ep4a

AAAAAAAWW!!! Come on! Why didn’t a girl ever say that to me when I was in highschool!?! ahahahaha Hmm…maybe someone did but not with the romantic overlay! hahaha Don’t worry! I’m Ah-chan x Fumi all the way but in the meantime I’ll just go a little ga ga over Sugimoto…. :P

Aoi Hana Ep4b

The moment when both Ah-chan and Sugimoto calls out to Fumi at the station was a shocker to her. It was only at that moment, that Fumi is brought back to reality. We can tell that Fumi clearly treasures Ah-chan. She’s very concerned how she might view her relationship with Sugimoto. She desperately wants her acceptance. Which…she gets. ^_^

In terms of Ah-chan, she’s surprisingly not disturbed by the idea. Like she says herself, maybe she’s just too simple minded. In any case, just because she’s accepting of Fumi x Sugimoto, don’t mean that she herself is comfortable with being together with a girl. But at least it’s a good start.

Aoi Hana Ep4c

I thought this bit was SOOOOO cute!! They’re both so nervous and unsure as to how to face each other!!! The moment is a bit awkward but they soon agree that Ah-chan only needs to act normal to support her!! Then they just break into a girly giggle. *SQUEEAAAAAL*

There were moments in this episode that was a tad slow (but it could have been me being super tired!!) but it’s definitely still holding onto high scores. At least for me!!