Sorry for making you guys wait!! I finally have an update for the new blog!! I think the launch date is getting close!!!!


To the regulars, as you probably know, I’m in the middle of setting up a new private blog – one where people can share their memories and experiences with friends. Given it will be a private blog, you will need to be a registered visitor. If you are already a WordPress user, then just email or leave a comment with your username. If you DON’T have a WordPress account, then notify me of your email and I will send you an invitation! You can either email me at yasashiisekai @ or just a leave a comment.

Also, if you want to have another nickname/pen-name in this blog, you will need to setup a new WordPress account. Each account only permits ONE nickname. Bloody hell…

Finally, as a private blog, the number of users is restricted to 35. I’ll keep this at it is. If it appears that there is much more interest, I will upgrade the account for unlimited users.

THANKS GUYS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!! Looking forward to your emails!!