Not much to write this week on Saki! =(

Most of it was on the actual game and surely, it’s a bit hard to slip in some yuri moments when there are people who are drowning as they play mahjong with a demon!! LOL Actually, I think I’ve figured what Koromo is! Maybe she’s a werewolf in disguise!?! haha Apparently, she gets all powered up when the moon is full!!! LOL I’m just kidding of course!

Saki Ep16a

Oh and what is that bit of hair on Touka called??! LOL THAT cracked me up! That hair was on a high in this whole episode!! Whirling around like helicopter blades!!! haha

Saki Ep16c

Next, we move to a private moment between Saki and Koromo. I honestly thought this was a pretty picture with their silhouettes in the night with lilies on the side (*hint hint nudge nudge*). hahaha I wouldn’t mind it as a wallpaper. Hmm…*starts thinking*

BUT nothing could beat THIS!! The first thoughts that ran through my head…hehe It was Saki’s face that really triggered it!! AHAHAHAHAHA

Saki Ep16b