Before I go crazy about this episode, let me get one issue straight. Does Mamiko Noto’s character, aka Catwoman, speak?!! LOL She seems incapable of communicating and when confused would rip off her top!! haha But Mino, the reporter, did notice that she had on her a strange green mark…but anyway that’s enough about cats. I don’t like cats.

More importantly, there was a brief sad moment but it was VERY brief!! hehe Maria and Mino finds themselves some place to stay but Maria is somewhat depressed as Canaan does not know the address of this place…but TA DA!! What do we see?!! Canaan just outside the hotel window!!! hehehehehe Gosh – I reckon this must be one of the BEST subtext yuri scenes I’ve ever seen!!! haha

Canaan Ep3a

Even a standby says: “They flirt a lot.” hehehehehe But I must say, I think they overkilled on the “amazing” part. LOL Someone needs a vocab lesson! I guess at least it gave Canaan an excuse to say, “you’re amazingly beautiful!” Aaaaaaw!!! *BLUSH*

But then things turn serious…

Maria is captured by the young boy in episode 2 and through the uses of her special ability, Canaan can “see” Maria’s colour and follows her trail. She finds her but she has a bomb attached. Not to worry! She finds the damn boy as she senses another Maria in the room. 

You touched her, didn’t you?

Her voice was SO dead serious! hehe Like a jealous boyfriend? ^_^ However, when Maria watches Canaan kill the boy she is in shock and Canaan could not help but sense: the colour of rejection.

Canaan Ep3b

It’ll be interesting to see how their relationship develops after this. I hope Canaan did not get too hurt!!!! Maria is still your friend!! Now where is episode 4!?! Aaaaaah!!