Ok – I went a bit overboard with the pictures but I thought it was so hard to choose which to exclude! haha In the end I kept most of them and I’ve added a touch of extra ROMANCE given we are seeing our FIRST date between Fumi and senpai! *BEAM*  I was grinning as I was making them. LOL

My my…is that Sugimoto senpai a sweet talker or WHAT?!? Where’s MY Sugimoto senpai!?!? :(

Aoi Hana Ep3a

I actually particularly liked the added touch of Ah-chan’s reaction to seeing Sugimoto for the first time. It’s almost like it sparked something deep within her…something she never realised she had…and has yet to even realise it’s been sparked…

Aoi Hana Ep3b

*sigh* How come no-one has taken me to see such a pretty view?? And the way Sugimoto senpai said Fumi’s name!! That was pretty BREATHTAKING!!

Aoi Hana Ep3d

Oh and that senpai can be so cheeky!!! Seriously, the way she talks to Fumi!! So damn charming! It’s no wonder Fumi is completely swept off her feet by her!!! Finally, how can we forget…the kiss. How can you just not smile at the ending?

Aoi Hana Ep3eAoi Hana Ep3f