Now something in this episode caught my attention! There are a pair of twin sisters that do not look like twins (as usual) and they seem to be pretty “tight”!! hehe Well not quite Candy Boy’s scale but one definitely does get a tad jealous when the other receives a lot of attention from the underclassmen! haha I’m talking about Shizuka and Tomoe! I though Tomoe’s voice was very familiar and turns out it’s Amane-senpai from Strawberry Panic!! She has blue hair too!!! And do I see a UNIFORM!?! Now, this episode has really grabbed my attention. hehehehe

One other thing – looks like our Tomoe has her eyes on Koume-san! And Shizuka does NOT like the attention her dear “onee-chan” is paying to this girl!! So FUNNY!

Taishou Ep2b

Another yuri moment, is brought to us by the last member to the baseball team:

From now on, it’s not Ishigaki-san but Tama-chan, right?

So cute! *eyes sparkle*

*BLUSH + Embarrassment*

Taishou Ep2c

Basically, the yuri meter in this anime has really picked up. I think I will continue watching cos I’m liking the Shizuka x Tomoe x Koume triangle (keke) plus there’s Kana Ueda and Mamiko Noto! The teacher also cracks me up!! I think in one scene, I almost spat my drink onto my laptop cos her reaction was so unexpected!!! hehe She kind of reminds me of the teacher in K-ON! NUTS! Who heard of finding strong hips/legs from grabbing someone’s bum cheeks?!?! hehehehehe

Taishou Ep2a

But one thing that still annoys me a little are their kimonos! They really need to ditch those kimonos… >_< I’d much rather the sailor suit uniform!! The kimono looks daggy!! hahaha