I watched this episode like 2 nights ago but have been completed bombarded with work so posting only now. Plus, there was Canaan and Aoi Hana which took priority. :p Who can blame me?! haha

This episode was pretty damn funny! I don’t think poor Touka have never felt so disgraced in her WHOLE life! She played into Miss Stealth’s hand TWICE!! 

You really didn’t stand out.

Hehe I thought that was SOOO funny! Anyway, not to worry! As some of you had suspected, Nodoka was 100% cool with “stealth mode”. She merely raised a brow (actually, not even!) and moved on! Nodochi to the max!!

Saki Ep15c

The BEST bit to this episode must have been able to see Saki play (her “kan” then “tsumo” cracks me up every time!!) AND Koromo!!!! She is SUPER KAWAII!!! Especially with the sound effects in the anime!!! LOL Pity I was in a public place when I was watching this otherwise I would have seriously laughed out REALLY loud!!! hahaha I don’t think I’ve seen a character this impossibly cute in anime. What is it?! It’s just everything about her!! You just have to accept that Amae Koromo is DAMN CUTE!! Pity we didn’t get to see her play though – but definitely in episode 16! But, warning – she looks scary!! Even demonic!!

Saki Ep15b

I’m actually not a huge fan of Miss Stealth/Senpai couple – but hey – I’m allowed to change my mind! With such a “AAAWW” show of yuri between the two, how can that possibly not secure a few screenshots?! That last bit at the end when she “materialises” while cheering senpai was hilarious! She even looks kind of sweet here, but still a bit ghost like particularly with that awful hair!

Saki Ep15a

Also, in this episode there is finally some mention of Saki’s sister – Teru. Another demon?? We can only wait and see. In the meantime, I’m going to have to find an clean copy of the ending theme (with no text over it). The new chibi ending is super cute! hahaha

Hmm…word count on the “cute” – Result: Used it waaaaaay too many times!!! >_< haha