Ok I was a bit lost but we had the official entrance (she appeared briefly at the end of episode 1) of what I believe to be the 2nd main character! Alphard! Another kick-ass girl and she appears to be the sister of that crazy “happy to wear nothing” personal assistant from last week (Liang Ji, I think). Liang Ji saves Alphard from the CIA. It seems they are part of the Snakes organisation. On a final note, Liang Ji is weird…and I sense a sister’s complex!?! Alphard is pretty kakkoi and I bet there will be “tension” between Canaan and her but I don’t care. I’m dead set on Canaan x Maria. Hmph!

Canaan Ep2a

Next, we get more of cute Maria!!! (must say that I feel her name could have a bit more “edge” to it – but oh well – can’t get too greedy). Hehe Please read the subs in screen shots below. Doesn’t it always start of as just “friends”? hehe *starts thinking about S…* Sorry!! FOCUS!! haha

Canaan Ep2b

However, behind that cheerful face, we find out that she has quite a history attached to her. She was a victim in a bio-terrorist attack from 2 years ago and was abducted and had been infected with the Ua Virus (something very deadly). She is also the daughter of the Chairman of some fancy pharmaceutical company (must have shady dealings, I’m thinking…) and was luckily saved by the anti-virus developed by her father. However, from the incident, she has a slight case of amnesia, forgetting everything that had happened. Luckily, it looks like she remembers Canaan and their “friendship” well. *BEAM* Maria is just sooooooo KAWAII!! (gosh I really need to widen my vocab…hehe)

While Maria’s going on about Canaan, the guy and her are chased down by some crazy old man with a machine gun and a young man. Luckily they jump into a taxi crazy driver. Yep he’s crazy. Of course, Canaan appears and saves the day!! ABOUT TIME!! I was waiting for a good whole minute!! hehehe

Canaan Ep2c

Couldn’t help it and threw in a few “kakkoi” screen shots of Canaan! I particularly liked the “I need to go play with Maria.” hehehehehe Oops – looking at my screenshots, it’s kind of obvious who I’m focusing on, eh?! Hahahaha Canaan x Maria ALL THE WAY!!