Have I mentioned how much I like the reaction of Fumi’s face when Aa-chan says those reminiscing words…

Aoi Hana Ep2a

Makes me go all *AAAAWWW* inside!! Katherine! You are so right!! I’m loving all these little *squeal* moments!!

Sorry guys – back to Aoi Hana! *embarrassed*

This is another wonderful episode. It’s filled with cute moments but does not forget to continue telling the story and developing the characters with a touch of elegance and sincerity.

I thought it was an interesting contrast to see Aa-chan’s character against Fumi’s. In this episode we see that Aa-chan actually remembers their shared past a lot better than Fumi – like how she used to eat the food/drinks that Fumi disliked. I guess at this stage, Fumi is still in her ‘awakening’ stage and she also has the burden of stepping out of her broken relationship with Chizu-san. When Chizu-san and her husband visits, she breaks down. Luckily Aa-chan was around. :) This bit was SOOOOOOO cute!!! Loved it when Aa-chan was so stern on Fumi!! BIG AAAAAW moment!!

Aoi Hana Ep2bAoi Hana Ep2c

While Fumi is gradually reviving her feelings for Aa-chan, we are seeing the glimpses of the “hidden” yuri in Aa-chan. Aa-chan seems to be a fan of Takarazuka Revue (an all women theatre group) and makes a subtle remark about them when she decides to join the Drama Club. She also very casually wonders why she assumed that the one Kyouko is in love with is a girl. We see an interesting parallel of developments in both Fumi and Aa-chan. Hopefully this development will intersect very soon! I’m also really starting to like Aa-chan – she’s so spontaneous and cute and full of honest outbursts! “Nani nani??”

On the otherhand, Fumi demonstrates that she really is quite lost. I mean, she ends up joining (well almost :P) the Literature Club…hmm…was she really that interested in the Lit Club or was she swept off her feet by Yasuko?!? Hehe Well off she follows Yasuko when she realises she’s from the Basketball Club!!! HAHAHA So CUTE!! Clearly she has her priorities straight!!! ^_^

Aoi Hana Ep2d

Oh and THAT Yasuko! She sure knows she has charm! It’s no wonder Kyouko is head over heels…(btw, I’m a big fan of Yui Horie!! Go Yui!!!!)

Would that be because I’m Heathcliff?…Can you truly be content with just looking?

That cheeky Yasuko! I couldn’t help but giggle a little.

So far this anime is meeting expectations – if not going beyond! I love the whole atmosphere it creates ~ an innocent ambience filled with yuri connotations everywhere!! Can we really ask for much more??