Basically, a high level summary of the story would be: It’s 1925, a time when some school girls are still wearing a kimono…two high school girls decide to setup an all girls’ baseball team but it’s tough as it is not seen as lady like. To make it worse, Akiko (the girl who’s driving the idea) wants to play against BOYS!

At first I was not impressed at all. Probably because of the time period in which the anime is set, plus the permanent two red “blushes” on the main character’s face is so annoying!! Argh! I don’t think it makes her look any cuter!

However, then mid-way through, Akiko explains why she had this idea. Turns out that she was in a conversation with a boy who made the condescending remark that a girl’s place in society is in the household. There is no need for them to have a brain. (Ok, he didn’t QUITE put it in those terms but something along the lines of that.) That pissed Akiko off so she’s adamant to come up with a baseball team and play against boys because that boy is a baseball player. Silly as it sounds, this did put a positive spin into the story for me.

Taishou Ep1a

These girls know NOTHING about baseball so it will be tough but then I like the ‘spirit’ behind it. So far there is no yuri…not sure whether there’d be any but surely there will be some “blush” scenes?! hahaha Oh and there is something to look foward too! There’s Mamiko Noto (dark green hair girl) and Kana Ueda (pig tails)! It’s been ages since I’ve watched Mamiko so I liked it once her character came on screen!

I don’t think the anime is that great but I will watch episode 2…maybe…