Guys!!! I have news to announce!! I am in the process of preparing a new blog! It will be titled…………hehehe I won’t say yet!!! ^_^ I think it’s a cute name though!! hehehehe

This idea has been in my mind since April but because of other commitments and me just gathering my thoughts, I have not posted about it till now. It’s final form is still a bit hazy but these are my ideas at the moment. I want to see what YOUR thoughts are. Also, there is a way for you all to take part in it too!

The blog is meant to be a way for me to remember happenings between my friend/s and I. Like a series of one-shots. Originally the intention was that everything in this blog be factual but I think I may dabble in a bit of fiction – don’t know yet. Even if there is no fiction, I do not doubt that some incidents will be somewhat sensationalised by the writing. To make it more interesting, I want participation from others too. For example, in the past, some of you have shared their experiences too. Like SmaL, Nerei, Jessy, NatShiz  and E. At the start, people can submit their posts to me and I’ll put them up. If you become a regular poster, you could even become an “author”. How does that sound?

There’s also that bunch of you who say, “OMG! We’re SOOO similar!…I’ve had similar experiences too!!” etc etc So why not share that with us?? From my memory, there’s Garden and ikon. Sorry if I’ve missed any others. 

Anyway, what are ur thoughts? Is this something that you will be interested in reading/writing? Also, to avoid the actual person in the story seeing this, I think this blog will have to be made private. Not exactly sure how that works but I think you need to register first etc. Does that give us a bit more comfort?

Guys!! Let me know what you THINK!!!