Canaan title

First 30 seconds in…these messages flash in my mind:

  • Wow – it looks kick ass!! hahaha I don’t normally talk in those terms but I don’t know a better way to describe it!! I LIKE, REALLY LIKE the look of the characters. *cough cough* Umm…well you know, the blonde and the silvery grey hair girl. hehehe
  • Art looks top notch and rich! Reminisces me of cinema animation!
  • Character designs – TICK!
  • The girl can fight!?! WOAH!
  • And the MUSIC!!!! LOVE IT!

The anime is set in modern day Shibuya but there are talks of a war and soldiers. There’s a lot going on…

Canaan (silvery short grey hair) seems to be a soldier with a lost past. There is a terrorist group called the Snakes. A man is killed. A reporter and passionate young (blonde) camera girl, Maria, is heading to Shanghai. The girl seems to be a bit of a nut. :p Who knows…maybe she’ll fall for the kakkoi Canaan?! I’m making this up here!! haha Well she actually knows Canaan so there’s hope?! Ok back to the rest of the story…there’s something about terrorism. The CIA is involved. Oooh Canaan has a funky looking tattoo! Distracted again. Oops. Canaan seems to be waiting for a “she”. *HOPEFUL* Hakko? She’s the quiet green hair girl and she’s voiced by Mamiko Noto. *BEAM* Canaan seems to also possess these extra-sensory abilities, “synesthesia” – not exactly sure how it works but looks/sounds kind of cool. Makes me also wonder whether this is a natural ability or somehow technologically added. Blah – let’s just get back to the REAL concerns here.

Canaan Ep1a

Ok so things take a serious turn. Men with heads covered are stumbling around and once the head piece is taken off, they seem to react violently – bloodshot eyes, in disturbing pain and ultimately dies from god knows what?! Maria unluckily witnesses the death of one of these guys and some masked person grabs her hand and takes off!! OH SH1T!! She’s so dead!!

Hehehe Don’t worry! It turns out to be Canaan!!! *DOUBLE BEAM* (is there such thing?! haha whatever!) This pair is seriously getting my approval! Oh and I even spotted a BLUSH!!! Amongst all this action?!! Oh they sure know how to please yuri fans!! hehe And there’s still more!!

It’s just a piece of string…I can break it easily.

You’re going to break it?

We became friends because of that.

ahahahahaha WARM and FUZZY feelings I’m getting!!! What a bully!!? :P After that short little reunion between Maria and Canaan, they are separated again. But I’m not worried. I’m sure they’ll meet again very soon. ^_^

Canaan Ep1b

Someone please help me! I think in the space of 20 minutes, I’ve completely fallen for Canaan!! (the girl) Look at the bloody ending?! I swear I’m seeing yuri subtext!! haha I’m 100% sure to be following this one!! Who’s joining me??

Canaan Ep1c

Btw, background music was full of suspense! I now see why my friendly visitor, mei, said she wants the Canaan OST! So do I!!