Can I just say, this mahjong playing style is SO EXTREME!!!

We kick off the episode with the last game in Nodo-chan’s round! Will Nodo-chan get a perfect game!? Touka is determined to win – but does she?!?!

OF COURSE SHE DOES! I have a soft spot for Touka – her ahoge is HILARIOUS!! I had to give it some “image” time in this post!! haha

Saki Ep14a

But the next bit really did caught me off guard!!? A girl that ‘disappears’?! WOAH…hang on!? What are we doing here?!

*20 minutes later*

Anti-existence?! PFFT!!! She’s a CHEAT!!! I feel sorry for Touka! Playing into her richii twice!? I completely daydreamed through the bit on the Miss Spirit! The only funny bit was when the captain embarrassingly shouted out, “I want you”! That should be a Saki to Nodoka line!!! hahaha

Saki Ep14b

This episode was a sure disappointment… : (

Oooh but in the preview, I think I spot Koromo playing!??! ABOUT TIME!!!