This was, yet again, another yuri episode!! Yay! Though given my recent indulgence on Aoi Hana, I’m not sure I enjoy the subtlely of the yuri any longer!! Haha Kidding. Where there’s yuri, there’s me!! hahaha

Saki Ep13a

In this episode there are only tiny sprinklings of Saki x Nodoka. Rather, the focus is on Touka and…Nodoka!!! Hehehe I knew Touka always saw Nodo-chan as being her competitor but she’s actually OBSESSED with her!!! Yuri obsessed!!!! I couldn’t help but crack up!! If that’s not yuri, I don’t know what is!! Though slightly warped I must admit…The whole awakening into super fighters was PRETTY over the top too!!! But oh well – everyone who plays mahjong here seems to be superhuman!

Saki Ep13b

I can’t help but laugh everytime I see the above bottom left pic!!! AHAHAHA I like Touka. She’s crazy but I like her. Then the stupid episode ended on a bloody cliffhanger! Touka! Hurry up and show us your muscles!!! Also, WHEN IN THE WORLD WILL I GET TO SEE SAKI and KOROMO play!!?!?!?! This is getting annoying…

Saki Ep13c