I LOVED it!!!! It’s just pure straight yuri!! No subtext at all. This is a very nice change!!

Aoi Hana Ep1a

Things that caught my attention:

  • Fumi-chan’s voice is not quite what I expected but then it kind of grows on you. Thinking more carefully, a voice is hard to imagine as she was so soft and spoke relatively little!! Haha
  • Ah-chan on the other hand pretty much sounds as expected. Her voice reminds me of Rie Kugimiya ~ the high pitch type ones!!
  • Art was very appropriate for the anime : adding to it the hints of melancholy.
  • The general vibe!!!!! The whole Episode was bursting out with dashes of love, yuri and KYAAAaa moments!
  • The MUSIC!!!! Naturally makes you go *squeal*!! I have a soft spot for the piano and this kind of music!

Aoi Hana Ep1b

Some cute moments:

  • Fumi used to be shorter than Ah-han so that was cute!
  • When the girls realize who the other is and Fumi blushes!! Aaaaw!!
  • “You’re flat.” hehehehe

Basically this anime is right up my alley!! I’m enjoying it more than I expected. Fumi x Ah-chan seems to have a lot more tension and potential in the rel’ship compared to the manga!!! I hope this continues to be great!!